Landmark Projects

The decision makers of DECO are always on the lookout for diversification. "Let's not have all our eggs in one basket" maintains Mr. Ravi Agarwalla, the eldest of the three brothers.
As a team, we made a study and arrived at venturing into alternate source of energy i.e. Wind Mills in order to bridge the gap of demand & supply electricity equation in India.
Human civilisation has been using Wind, as a source of energy from time immemorial. Although this energy was not given any specific generic name, its usage has been to a very large extent, right from the sailing of ships to flying kites.
Today, electricity is the key to economic development and though the per capita electricity consumption in our country has risen from 15 units to 400 units over the past five decades it is still way behind the levels achieved in developed countries.
With the availability all this information DECO management arrived at a decision to make a beginning with one Suzlon Wind Mill of 1.25 MW capacity at Dhule, Maharashtra.