Company History

It gives me immense pleasure that DECO with its humble beginning, in 2011 has grown into a company with a turnover of over 5000 million INR, inclusive of all group concerns and maintaining a steady annual growth rate of 35%.

This achievement has been possible due to God's Blessings manifested through the incessant hard work put in by my brothers, their children and the entire dedicated professional team.

We have been in this industry prior to Nationalisation of Coal mines in 1970. Coal mining is deep rooted in our genes. However, earlier we had extracted through underground mines, and now it is all open cast. This experience was new, and we all learnt the ropes with time. Had we got even larger patches, we could have mined with larger HEMM's and flourished with the economies of large scale.

I cannot refrain from mentioning that "not putting all eggs in one basket" DECO has also gone in for reality development, manufacturing of industrial explosives, earth work for extraction of other minerals and hydel projects.

We are greatly appreciative of the liberalisation policy of the Government which has resulted in improved Institutional Finance. The Globalization has also brought in F2's creating the competitiveness in the financial world. All we have done is maintained with our intentions to priortize the monthly repayment amounts.

DECO has even diversified into Wind Energy in India and Coking Ovens in the American Continent. With the vision that Indian coal production and demand is likely to grow by more than 10% in the 11th Plan, we are bullish on DECO's growth.

We constantly strive to expand when times are opportune.

Best Wishes

Ravi Agarwalla